NEW CELPIP exam center launched in India – New Delhi!

Since September 2018, CELPIP aspirants in India had only one option for a test center: Chandigarh. That is soon to change, as CELPIP have announced something very exciting!


Indian test takers now have TWO CELPIP test center options, with a new test center having been opened in New Delhi on February 6, 2020. While this test center in North India does not alleviate the travel concerns of test takers from South India, it, however, does provide an alternative for those who couldn’t travel to Chandigarh. Let’s hope they establish a new test center elsewhere in India as well by the end of 2020!

The new CELPIP test center at MeritTrac Services in New Delhi has test dates starting from February 28, 2020. To register, click on this link.

MeritTrac Services currently offers CELPIP test dates five times each month.


To read about a test-takers experience in Chandigarh, click here.

Make sure you call up the test center and ask them about their ambience and set-up. Different test centers follow different procedures for entry and identity verification, so it never hurts to ask what they require from you before you book a test date.

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  1. Maam will the CELPIP be better for me as I have taken IELTS two times and failed to achieve desired score…i have got 7, 7, 6.5 and 6 in ielts i want to get band CLB 9

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