8777 IELTS

Get an 8777 or above on the IELTS in 91 days with our SureScore™ program designed specifically for Indians!

Stop wasting time and money on repeated IELTS attempts and speed up your emigration process.

The problem is, most IELTS courses are...

Cheap And Expensive

Their poor strategies cost you ₹14,700 EACH time you reattempt the IELTS!

Made By Generalists

Can a freelancer, immigration agency, or study abroad company really have the specialist knowledge needed to help you get a high score?

Taught By Non-native Speakers

Can you really trust someone whose own English is error-ridden? Seriously?


Is is worth your time to spend money learning things you could have easily learnt from YouTube or from an IELTS book for free?


You're just student #23 is a big classroom where nobody will deal with your issues individually.

Our SureScore Program will help you...

Get Your ITA Quicker

Stop wasting years of time on re-attempts and avoid increased age-related CRS decrease.

Understand Your Mistakes

You get all the guidance you need and the materials as well.

Know Exactly What To Do

Step-by-step processes for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking ensure excellence.

Know Exactly What To Avoid

Avoid being confused by random advice from dozens of blogs, books and YouTubers.

Save Money

Make your next attempt your last one!

Recorded lessons are simply inefficient. We will teach you everything live, from scratch, to ensure your success.

Without the right exam skills, you’ll struggle even if you’re great at English. All SureScore+ techniques were created especially by Shrishti.

Your language skills form 50% of your score. we offer over 65+ grammar lessons – ours is the only program helping you improve from B1 to C1 in English!

Tiny batches of only 2 students! Plus, you get to directly interact with the head instructors any day, any time, even after your lessons.

Weekly Live 1-on-1 speaking tests with Shrishti until you clear the test. You get 2-4 page reports, precise feedback and exact scores for each test.

With 3-5 page detailed reports, precise feedback, full correction, exact score guarantees

50+ tests ensure that you are 100% prepared and ready to excel.

A study plan and a report card ensure that we are able to check your progress every day.

Real students - real achievements!

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