Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve already taken the IELTS once, twice, or maybe even thrice.
  • You feel like you’ve already wasted hundreds of dollars on re-attempts and re-markings.
  • You’ve tried teachers and tutors but have been disappointed.
  • Your time is running out due to age, and your birthday each year is a miserable event instead of being a happy one since you lose points on the CRS each year.
  • You’re stuck in an unhappy, unfulfilling job with zero work-life balance.
  • You’re stuck in a country where you’re miserable due to a lack of opportunities for your and your family’s welfare.
  • Your need to emigrate to Canada or Australia.
  • You have been trying to pass the IELTS with an 8777 for a few months to a few years now.
  • You’ve tried self-studying and bought the Cambridge IELTS books, bought practice tests, or tried dozens on free online ones.
  • You’ve carefully subscribed to dozens of IELTS channels on YouTube.
  • You’ve tried to follow hundreds of YouTube tutorials but still didn’t manage to get an 8777.
  • You’re only growing more confused as to what to do because a dozen YouTube teachers tell you a dozen different things.
  • You’ve done $5 workshops, WhatsApp courses and webinars with no improvement.
  • You’ve got a family that depend on you looking after their well-being and ensuring their best interest.
  • You’ve tried to study with a friend, and although their methods worked for them, they did not work for you.
  • You’ve joined dozens of Facebook groups for help and advice but every commenter tells you a different thing.
  • You feel clueless about what to do, where to begin, whom to trust, so you just delay things even more out of frustration.

Let me help you get an 8777+ just like Arjun, Komal, Monali, Arzoo and over 417 others...

How will you benefit from these programs?

  • LIVE teaching

    Recorded lessons are simply inefficient. I will teach you everything live, from scratch, to ensure your success.

  • Choose from 24-50 LIVE lessons

    All live lessons are personally taught by me!

  • Help with language skills

    Your language skills form 50% of your score. I offer over 65+ grammar lessons - mine is the only program helping you improve from B1 to C1 in English!

  • Help with exam skills

    Without the right exam skills, you'll struggle even if you're great at English. All my SureSeven+ techniques were created especially by me.

  • Personal attention & interaction

    No group lessons! Plus, you get to directly interact with me any day, any time, even after your lessons.

  • Weekly individual speaking tests

    Live 1-on-1 speaking tests with me until you clear the test. You get 2-4 page reports, precise feedback and exact scores for each test.

  • Dozens of writing corrections

    With 3-5 page detailed reports, precise feedback, full correction, exact score guarantees

  • Over 50 full tests

    Ensures that you are 100% prepared and ready to excel.

  • Personal study plan

    A study plan and a report card ensure that I am able to check your progress every day.

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About Shrishti, your instructor

Shrishti has had a long and illustrious 8-year career helping all sorts of language learners, but since the past 5 years has focused only on exam training. With a solid background in English teaching (a CELTA qualification is the gold-standard for English teachers), and exam preparation qualifications ranging from YLE, IELTS and CELPIP, she's well-equipped to deal with every aspect of language and exam skills issues that you're dealing with. Her devotion to research and her zest for finding new ways of solving old problems continue to delight her students. Rest assured, you're in good hands!

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