September 2021

3 September 2021

1. What do you do when you go on holidays?
2. Are holidays helpful to you? In what way?
3. Do outdoors activities help you relax and relieve stress?
4. How often do you go on holidays?

Talk about your favorite film. You should say:
• When and where you watched it
• What type of film it was
• What the film was about
And explain why it is your favorite film.

1. What kind of films are trending now? Why?
2. Does people’s age make any difference to their choice of films?
3. Have you ever seen a black and white film?
4. Why do you think fewer people go to cinemas to watch films?
5. Do you think cinemas will disappear in the future?

1. Do you like to keep flowers at home?
2. Have you ever seen wildlife up close?
3. Where in your country can a person see wildlife?
4. Why do you have to go to these places, in particular?

Describe an item you bought for yourself and were pleased with. Please say:
• What the item was
• Why you bought it
• Where you bought it
And explain why you were pleased with it.

1. Are you interested in history?
2. What is the basic purpose of museums?
3. In what way can technology help people learn about history?
4. How can technology help the younger generation to take interest in history?

1. Which types of devices do you use mostly to perform your daily tasks?
2. How do you spend your weekends?
3. Do you think vacations are a good option for passing your time?

Describe a time when you felt bored. You should say:
• When it was
• Who you were with
• What you were doing
And explain why you felt bored.

1. What can people do when they feel bored?
2. Do people get bored with their daily routines?
3. Do younger people get bored more easily than older people?

11 September 2021

1. Did you have pets when you were a child?
2. What are the most popular pets in your country?
3. What kind of weather do you have in your home country?
4. What are the benefits of a computer for children?
5. What do you think about computers?
6. What are the benefits of being a student?

Talk about a creative person you know that you admire. You should say:
• Who he/she is
• How you know him/her
• What creative work he/she has done. And explain why you think he/she is creative.

1. Are you a creative person?
2. Can creativity be learned?
3. What kind of jobs require the ability to be creative?
4. Do you think leaders need to be creative?


1. Have you ever visited any museums?
2. What kind of museums do you like?
3. Do you like to visit a museum alone or in a group? Why?
4. Would you like to work in a museum? Why?
5. Do you like to read?
6. Where do you like to read?
7. What do you like to read?
8. What are the benefits of reading?
9. Why is reading important to you?
10. Was it ever hard for you to read at a certain place?

Describe a skill that you would like to teach others (other than drawing, cooking, or writing). Please say:
• What is it?
• Whom would you like to teach?
• Why did you choose this skill?
And explain why this skill is beneficial.

1. What are the necessary qualities to be a good teacher?
2. Can anyone become a teacher?
3. Is it important to have a teacher to learn something?
4. Do you think a teacher should use humor to teach?
5. Do you think the environment plays a major role in teaching?
6. Is the current education system failing to keep up with the change in society, in your opinion?
7. Do you think Artificial Intelligence can replace a teacher?

1. What type of accommodation would you prefer to live in, in the future?
2. Why is that?
3. What festivals do you like the most? Why?
4. Do you think festivals are important?
5. Do you think you have enough holidays in your country?
6. What do you do during the holidays?
7. What do you do to relax?
8. Some people are doing workouts to lower their stress. Why do you think it helps them?

Talk about a piece of equipment you use at home. Please say:
• What is it?
• When and where did you buy it?
• How often do you or your family members use it?
And explain why you think it is useful.

1. What other useful equipment do you have and use at home?
2. Do you think younger generation is more comfortable with modern equipment than older people? Why?
3. Nowadays many factories use automatic machines and equipment instead of manual labor.
4. Why do you think it is?
5. Do you believe that robots will replace people in the near future?
6. Where will people be replaced by robots completely, in your opinion?

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