August 2021


1. What kind of advertisements do you usually watch?
2. Where can you see these advertisements?
3. Do you watch the advertisements in full?
4. Did you ever buy anything after seeing an ad?
5. What did you like the most at primary school?
6. How did you travel to your primary school?
7. What did you do in primary school?


Describe a town or city you would like to live in, in the future. You should say:
1. Where and what is it?
2. How did you know about this city/town?
3. Why would you like to live there?


1. Do you think one day you will live there?
2. Why do people want to live in cities?
3. What are the disadvantages of living in a city?
4. Do cities affect the environment, in your opinion?
5. Do you think that all cities are the same?
6. How can we build cities that are environmentally friendly?

1. Are there many trees in your area?
2. Are trees important in our lives?
3. What is the most popular tree in your country?

Talk about your ideal job. You should say:
1. What job it is
2. What skills do you need for this job
3. Why you would like to do this job.

1. What do most children want to be when they grow up?
2. Why do children nowadays want to work in the entertainment industry?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working from home?
4. Can work from home be sustainable?

1. Do you like to wear special costumes or clothes?
2. Did you wear any special costumes when you were young?
3. When was the last time to wear special costumes?
4. Do you ever buy special costumes?

Describe a movie that you like
You should say:
• When you watched it
• Where you watched it
• What it was about
And explain why you like it.

1. Are films a waste of money?
2. Are movie stars important to a movie?
3. Are foreign movies popular in your country?
4. Is it important that a country has its own movies?

13 August 2021

1. Do you like to travel?
2. How do you travel usually?
3. How do you prefer to travel? Why?
4. Did you ever go on a long journey in a car?
5. Do you prefer sitting in the front seat or the back seat?
6. Would you like to travel to other planets in the future? Why?

Describe an activity near the sea that you would like to try. You should say:
• What is it?
• What do you need to do?
• Why would you like to do it?

1. How would you feel about this activity?
2. Why do people go to the seaside?
3. What benefits do they get from it?
4. Do you think they can relax when they go to the beach? How?
5..Do you think that younger people like experiencing new water sports more than older people?
6. Do you think children enjoy going to the beach?
7. How can humans save the environment from global warming?
8. Do you think animals are affected by global warming?
9. How can people help save marine ecology from the environmental crisis?

1. Do you like your hometown? Why?
2. What is your favorite place in the city?
3. Do you plan to live there or move somewhere else in the future?
4. Do you like shopping?
5. Where do you usually shop?

Talk about something you bought recently that you are happy about. You should say:
• What it is
• Where and when you purchased it
And explain why you are happy about that purchase.

1. Why do people go shopping?
2. Why are shopping malls the best place to shop?
3. Do people find it normal to bargain for a price in your country?
4. What do they bargain for usually?
5. Are there any good small or boutique shops in your city?
6. Do you agree that a high price necessarily means good quality?
7. Why do you think so?

1. Do you like flowers?
2. What is your favorite flower?
3. What flowers have special meaning in your country?
4. Do you like to send flowers to others?
5. When was the last time you gave flowers to someone?
6. Have you planted any flowers?
7. Do you like to have flowers in your home?
8. Where can people buy flowers in your hometown?

Talk about a singer that you like. You should say:
• Who he/she is
• How you know him/her
• What type of songs he/she sings
And explain why he/she is your favourite singer.

1. Do you think the government should help musicians?
2. How can the government help musicians? 3. Is it important that children learn to play an instrument?
4. Do you think all people can learn to sing?
5. Do you think people can sing better after training?

20 August 

1. Do you have any memories of barbeque nights?
2. How often do you have barbeque nights?
3. What is the dish you like the most on barbeque nights?

Talk about something you like to do after coming from school/work. You should say:
• What is it that you do?
• Where do you do that activity?
• How long do you do that activity?
And explain why you like this activity.

1. What activities do people like to do in their free time?
2. Do people prefer indoor or outdoor activities in their free time?
3. Do you prefer doing indoor or outdoor activities?
4. What are the benefits of outdoor activities?
5. What skills can be developed in group tasks?

1. Do you like fishing?
2. Is fishing popular in your hometown?
3. Are you fond of eating seafood? Why?
4. Do you like to consume tinned or packed seafood?
5. Do you have fish as a pet? Why?/why not?
6. Describe a place near you where you can see a lot of fishes?

Describe an important text message you received. You should say:
• Who sent the message
• What was in the message
• Why the person sent the message
And explain why the message was important to you.

1. Why do some people dislike using text messages?
2. Have the ways that people communicate with each other, changed much in the last few decades?
3. Why do people prefer texting as compared to phone calls?
4. Do you think modern technology has any negative influence on communication?
5. What do you think are some of the main differences between written communication and spoken communication?

1. What did you like to do the most when you were in primary school?
2. How did you go to your primary school?
3. How do you like your primary school?
4. What did you do in your leisure time in your primary school?

Describe a time when someone apologized to you. You should say:
• When this happened
• What you were doing
• Who apologized to you
And explain why they apologized to you.

1. What kinds of people are most likely to say sorry?
2. In what situations do you think people need to (or, should) apologize?
3. What do you think of those people who don’t apologize very often?