2 July 2021


1. How do traffic problems affect you?
2. What traffic problems are there in your area?
3. How do most people travel to work where you live?
4. What is the most popular means of transportation in your country?


Describe something important that has been kept in your family for a long time.
You should say :
• What is it?
• What does it look like?
• Why is it important to your family?
And explain how you feel about it.


1. What kind of things do people nowadays keep from the past?
2. What kind of things people nowadays like to keep that are unlike what people kept in the past?
3. Do people of different ages choose to keep the same kind of things from the past?
4. Name one thing from the past that is close to your heart.
5. What kind of emotions do people experience while looking at things from the past that belonged to their loved ones?
6. Are people different nowadays compared to people in the past? In what way?


1. Can you describe your daily routine at work?
2. Do you support environmental protection?
3. How do you help to protect the environment?
4. Do you believe your efforts make a difference?
5. What is your favourite festival or holiday?

Describe a situation when you argued with friends about something.
You should say :
• What it was about
• When and where it took place
• How you resolved the argument
And explain how you felt about it later.

1. What was your opinion about this argument?
2. Did it change later?
3. Do you think arguments are helpful?
4. Why do arguments between family members arise?
5. Can such arguments change how they feel about each other?

1. Do you like reading?
2. Do you like to read at home or in other places?
3. Do you like to read by yourself or with other people?
4. Do you usually read for leisure or work purposes?
5. Have you had family members with reading habits?
6. What was your favorite book or story when you were a child?
7. Do you think it is important that children read regularly?

Describe your first day at school.
You should say :
• Where it was
• What happened
• Who else was there with you
And explain how you felt on that day.

1. Do you think parents should drive the kids to school or kids should go themselves?
2. Is it better that children are independent or reliant on their parents?
3. How can children become more independent?
4. How to teach kids to be independent?
5. What are the impacts of excessive interference with the child?

9 July 2021

1. When was the last time you bought flowers?
2. Do you have flowers in your house?
3. Have you ever planted flowers?
4. In your country, is it common to use flowers to celebrate a special occasion?
5. Do you often travel by car?
6. Do you prefer to sit in the front of the car or in the back?
7. What would you do if your car broke down on the road and you got stuck?
8. Why would you do this?

Describe a tall building in your hometown that you like or dislike.
You should say:
• Where this building is
• What it looks like
• What it is used for
And explain why you like or dislike this building.

1. In your country, is it common to live in a high-rise building?
2. Will it become more common to live in high-rise buildings in the future?
3. What are the disadvantages of living in a tall building?
4. Is it a good idea to construct new buildings in a historical area?
5. Is it better to expand the existing city or to build a new one?
6. Should the people in charge of city development consult with the local residents?


1. What does your day at work look like?
2. Do you use a computer at work?
3. What could help you do your job better?
4. Is planning ahead helpful at work?
5. Do you take short or long breaks at work?
6. Do you find it easy to relax?
7. How do you usually relax?
8. Do you think holidays are a good way to relax?

Talk about a country where you wish to live in the future.
You should say:
• What country and where is it?
• Why would you like to live there?
• What do you know about this country?

1. Why are people moving to urban settings or big cities?
2. What are the disadvantages of living in large cities?
3. Do you think large cities have an impact on the environment? Why?
4. Do you think it is possible to build buildings that are in harmony with the
5. Who should be responsible for it?


1. What do you like about your home country?
2. Would you like to go back and work in your home country?
3. Do you take breaks?
4. Do you think it is important to take breaks?
5. What do you do on your breaks?
6. Do you sometimes fall asleep at work?

Describe a house you visited that caught your attention.
You should say:
• When it was
• Where it was
• Describe your visit
And explain whether or not you would like to live in that house.

1. In which part of your country would you like to live and why?
2. What kind of checklist do people have for buying a house in your country?
3. What type of houses do people live in, in your country?
4. What is the difference between houses in cities and in the countryside in your country?
5. Some people think that it isn’t just the responsibility of the government to provide housing, but of the private sector as well.
6. How do you feel about that?

16 July 2021

1. Did you have barbeques when you were a child?
2. What kind of barbeque food do you like to eat?
3. Do you like to have a barbeque with your family or friends?
4. Where can you go for a barbeque in your city?
5. Why do you go for a barbeque?

Talk about your favorite movie.
You should say:
• What is it?
• When and where did you see it?
• What is it about?
And explain why this movie is your favourite.

1. What movies are popular in your country?
2. What genres do people like to watch the most?
3. Do different age groups like the same kind of movies?
4. Do young and old people like to watch the same types of movies?
5. Why do some people like to watch black and white movies?
6. Do you believe that every country should have its own film industry? Why?
7. Do you think in the future computer graphics and robots will be used instead of people in movies?
8. Is it a good or a bad development? Why?

1. What relaxation techniques do you know?
2. Is relaxation important?
3. Do you think vacations are a good source of relaxation?

Talk about a situation when you were not allowed to use a mobile phone.
You should say:
• When it was
• Where it was
• Why you needed to use a mobile phone
And explain how you felt about this situation.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of constant communication through mobile phones?
2. What is the main purpose that people nowadays use mobile phones for?
3. Are there any differences between the younger and older generations, regarding their use of mobile phones?

1. Do you like to look at the sky?
2. Can you see the moon and stars at night where you live?
3. Do you prefer the sky in the morning or the sky at night?
4. Are there any good places to look at the sky where you live?

Describe a performance you enjoyed watching.
You should say:
• What the performance was
• When and where you watched the performance
• Who was performing (or, who performed)
And explain why you enjoyed the performance.

1. Do you think traditional performances are important?
2. What do you think is the difference between watching a live performance and watching it on TV?
3. How do you think to watch a dance performance or a stage play influences children?

23 July 

1. Is farming common in your country?
2. Do you like farming?
3. How important is happiness to you?
4. Can you tell me about a time when you did something to make everyone happy?

Talk about a time when you got lost in a town/city. You should say:
• When and where was it?
• Why did you get lost?
• What did you do?
And explain how you felt at the time.

1. What kinds of transportation do people prefer?
2. Was transportation better in the past?
3. Is a proper road system necessary?
4. What kind of decisions do people make in their lives?
5. Is culture an important factor that affects decision-making?

1. Do you normally remember people’s names?
2. Is it easy for you to remember names?
3. Have you ever forgotten someone’s name?
4. How did you feel?
5. What did you do about it?
6. How would you feel if someone forgot your name?

Describe a situation when you were extremely bored. You should say:
• When and where was it?
• Who was there with you?
• How did you feel about it?

1. What did you do to entertain yourself?
2. Do you often buy things that you don’t need later?
3. How should people decide on buying what they need?
4. Do you think marketing plays a role in buying branded products?

1. Do you like to watch TV programs about wild animals?
2. Did you learn anything about wild animals at school?
3. Do you have a favorite wild animal?
4. What wild animals are common in your country?

Talk about a time when you had an encounter with a wild animal.
You should say:
• When it happened
• Where it happened
• Who was there with you
• What you did

1. Have you been to the zoo recently?
2. Why are zoos important?
3. Do you think it is good for the animals live in the zoo?
4. Why do people like keeping pets?

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