15 May 2021


1. Do you live in an apartment or a house?

2. Describe the view from your apartment.

3. Do you like it? Why?

4. Have you ever been to a farmhouse?

5. Do you like farmhouses?

6. What is so good about them?


Talk about your favourite toy as a child. 

You should say

• What toy was it?

• When did you get it?

• Who gave it to you?

And explain why it was your favourite toy.


1. Do you think physical exercises should be excluded from secondary school curriculum?

2. Why do you think so?

3. What are the main benefits of physical exercises?

4. Will you encourage your children to exercise?


1. How well could you concentrate when you were little?

2. How often do you have to concentrate these days?

3. What are your difficulties while concentrating? Why?

4. What do you do to prevent it?

5. When do you feel the need for concentration the most?

6. What do you do on weekends?

7. What are best places to visit in your city?

8. How often do you go to movies?

9. Why is that?


Describe a time when you saw a child behaving badly in public.

You should say – 

• Where were you?

• What was the child doing?

• What did his/her parents do?

• How did you feel about it?


1. Why do children behave badly in public places sometimes?

2. How do children learn this behaviour?

3. What can parents do to prevent such behaviour?

4. Is there a shift in parents’ attitude toward their children these days, compared to the past?

5. Why do you think it is happening?

6. Did laws make parents behave this way?

7. Do people behave ethically all the time these days?

8. What are the main reasons for it?


1. Do you like sport?

2. What sport do you like the most?

3. Do you like watching sports games?


1. What are the main cultural standards in your country?

2. What are the differences in young and old people’s attitude toward life?

3. Do older people see life differently?

4. Why is it so?


Talk about a concert or an event that you disliked, but had to stay until the end. 

You should say

• What was it

• Where was it?

• Why did you have to stay?

and explain how you felt about it later


1. What is the difference between a speaker and a listener?

2. How can a speaker attract his/her listeners?

3. What does usually happen when someone doesn’t listen carefully?

4. Why is hearing important in a person’s life?

5. Who does better as a speaker, men or women?

6. How can a speaker gauge their listeners’ reaction?

7. How can a speaker make sure the listeners are paying attention?

21st May 2021


1. Do you think math is important?
2. Did you find math interesting at school?
3. Can a teacher help to make it more interesting?
4. How can math help in your daily life?


Describe your experience of a wild animal encounter. You should say
• What animal it was
• Where and when it happened
• Who was there with you
And explain how you felt about it later.

• Do you like pets?
• Do you have a pet?
• Do you think pets can be kept at home?

Let’s talk about zoos.
• Do you like going to the zoo?
• Is it cruel to keep animals there?
• Why do you think so?

1. Are you proud of your country?
2. What area of your country do you like the most?
3. Where would you prefer to live in your country?
4. Why do you like that place?

Talk about a famous person that you like the most. You should say
• Who he/she is
• What he/she is famous for
• When you came to know about him/her
And explain what qualities you like in him/her.

1. Do you think famous people have different lifestyles to others?
2. Do you agree that the media should follow them?
3. Why does the media do this?
4. Do they have a right to live the same life as we do?

1. What helps you in your study?
2. What techniques do you use in your study?
3. Do you like driving a car?
4. Do you like long car trips? Why?
5. What was your longest trip?
6. Did you go by yourself or with friends?

Describe an event in which you were unsuccessful. You should say
• What was the situation?
• When did it happen?
• Why do you think it happened?
• What did you do about it?

1. Why do you think teenagers try to be polite?
2. Do you think goals are necessary to achieve success?
3. Is it OK to give up? Why?
4. Does hard work guarantee success?
5. Why do you think so?

29th May 2021


1. What kind of trees are famous in your country?
2. Do you like trees?
3. Are there any trees near your apartment?
4. Do you remember people’s names?
5. How do you feel when people forget your name?
6. Is there any particular way to remember people’s names easily?

Describe an occasion when you had to wait in a long line/queue for a long time.
You should say
• When and where it was
• What you did while waiting
• How you felt about it.

1. What impact does waiting in long queues have on customers?
2. How important is customer service for the organisation/business?
3. Do people feel that they don’t deserve to wait for too long in the queues?
4. Do you think robots are going to replace humans in the near future?
5. Is it a positive or negative development?

1. Do you like shopping for clothes?
2. What type of clothes do you wear?
3. Do you prefer comfortable or fashionable clothes? Why?

Talk about a recent health-related article that you have read. You should say
• What was it about?
• When and why did you read it?
• Did you find it helpful?

1. Do you think health and fitness are important?
2. What do you do to stay healthy?
3. Do you exercise?
4. What kind of workouts do you like?
5. Do you think robots will take place of humans?

1. Do you often make lists?
2. Do you prefer making lists on paper or mobile phones?
3. Do you make lists before you go shopping?
4. Why do some people not like making lists?

Describe a family member you spend a lot of time with
You should say:
• Who this person is
• What you usually do together
• What kind of person he/she is
And explain why you spend the most time with him/her.

1. What are the advantages of strong family relationships?
2. How many generations are usually living under one roof in your country?
3. What are the benefits, and drawbacks of a family of several generations living together?
4. Do both parents have equal responsibilities in taking care of their children?