Course terms and conditions




By accepting a place on an 8777 IELTS or SureScore System course, the Student understands that being the age of legal majority, he/she must accept full responsibility for his/her own choices, decisions and behavior in the program setting. 


I, the undersigned (hereinafter referred to as ‘the student’), agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. All homework and assignments will be submitted within the requested time frame. If homework is submitted more than 4 days later than the timeframe, it will not be liable to be checked on time; reports can be delayed upto 1 week.

2. No written task assignment can be sent less than 36 hours before your test date unless you have purchased a crash course.

3. Each written task assignment can take from 2 to 3 working days (Saturday and Sunday are non-working days) to be checked and returned. Please do not submit your assignments at the very last minute before an exam and request expedited corrections. There cannot be any exceptions made to this rule. The student must manage their submissions and ensure they’re done on a timely basis rather than on a last-minute basis.

4. We are open to serve you from 8.30AM to 10.00PM Monday-Friday. Saturday and Sunday are non-working days, but if you send a message to the teacher on a non-working day, she will definitely get back to you by Monday.

5. The teacher will wait for a maximum of five (5) minutes before continuing the lesson with the other student. The lesson will be recorded and sent to the student who did not turn up. The student can also attend the lesson with another batch entirely free of cost.

6. For speaking tests, the teacher will wait for a maximum of three (3) minutes before logging out. This test will then be considered forfeited and marked as a no-show in your report card. You may book another speaking test.


7. All grammar and vocabulary homework should be done on a regular basis as indicated by the student’s study plan. If the student’s grammar and vocabulary assignments are not completed at least a week before their exam date, 8777IELTS is not responsible for a poor performance.


8. You should try to ensure you book 1 speaking test every 7 days.


9. If the student has not paid the full fee and is on an installment plan, they agree that their lessons will not continue until the fee has been paid and their access to materials may be revoked. 


10. If the student has not paid the full fee and is on an installment plan, they agree that the fee amount might increase in a year and that they would have to pay the increased fee amount if they wish to continue their lessons.


11. If the student has not paid the full fee and is on an installment plan, they agree that their access to our WhatsApp groups, their live lessons, their study materials and study plan will be revoked if the installment is overdue (after a 3-day grace period)


12. Payment of the first installment allows access to study materials, the study plan, the WhatsApp groups, and live lessons  until the third week of live training.


13. The student should not send more than one essay, letter, or report within 3 days, as the teacher needs to check it and give the student suggestions on how to improve, and the student should try to incorporate those suggestions in the next written task.


14. The student is not allowed to share any material/any lessons they are given to anyone else.


15. Recording your lessons through Zoom or Meet is permitted with the permission of your teacher. You are not to share these lessons. 


16. You must share your Test Report Form with your teacher when you receive your results.


17. Refunds under our “SureScore Challenge” include:
a. A full refund of your course fee, and
b. Payment for the IELTS exam in which you did not get the score you wanted, and
c. Payment for a new IELTS exam


Because the SureScore program is a step-by-step program, this challenge/refund is subject to certain conditions:
a. You must show proof of work, as your performance will be checked, and your study plan (homework) will be checked. Homework for all days must be done unless there has been a medical or family emergency, for which we require proof.
b. Your essay/letter submissions should have been regular (one writing assignment every 4 days at least, after all the writing lessons are done). 
c. You will also have had to have booked one speaking test every 7 days. The exception to this rule is if you had any medical or family emergencies, for which we require proof.
d. You should demonstrate that you have worked on every feedback point in your essay/letter & speaking test reports. 
e. After-class homework assignments (for example, when you are taught introductions, you will also have homework for writing introductions) must be done within 36 hours after that particular lesson has been taught. For Reading and Listening lessons, the homework completion deadline is 2-4 days.

If you fail to meet any of these criteria, you will still be given a free place in a new batch of your choice, but no refunds will be made in that case. If you do meet all criteria, we will offer you a refund within 48 hours of your request to your bank account.  This offer is only valid for those who have paid the full course fee without any discounts. This offer is also valid for those who have paid on an installment basis.


18. If you have never begun lessons, full refunds can be issued within 72 hours of making the fee payment. In this case, whether full or partial refund, the amount refunded to you will not include the materials development fee (INR 1899) if you had already been granted access to your study materials and study plan. You will continue to have access to your study plan and your study materials.


19. If you ask for a refund after you have taken a few lessons, the lessons you have already taken will be treated as individual lessons for which a per-lesson amount of INR 1200 will be deducted from the refund given to you if no essays were submitted and/or checked. If any essay correction had taken place, the per-lesson fee for any already done writing lessons with corrections would be INR 1650.

For refund purposes, any lessons that were booked from the Setmore calendar and not attended (without notifying the teacher to reschedule or cancel) will be charged at 70% of the above-mentioned per-lesson rate, because these slots cannot be booked for any other student, and as such this time is “lost” to the teacher.


20. International refunds can be processed after a processing fee of INR 1500. Domestic refunds carry a processing fee of INR 200.


21. Refunds cannot normally be processed after over 15 months (or one tax year) from the date of enrollment, OR after one month from the date of receipt of your exam results.


22. This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India. 


23. All disputes & differences of any kind whatsoever arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of Mumbai only.


24. Upon request, the student agrees to share his/her experience with the teacher in either text or video format for it to be eventually published to the 8777IELTS blog, Instagram or Facebook page. If requested, all attempts will be made to protect the student’s identity.


25. One-on-one lessons once booked via 8777IELTS.setmore.com should not be cancelled unless there is a work, health, or family emergency. 

26. Speaking test dates and times can be checked from the calendar, but may occasionally be rescheduled to a slightly different time or the next day, depending on the teacher’s schedule.

27. If you do not show up for a speaking test and did not inform the teacher, you may re-book another test from the calendar next week.


28. In the table in your study plan file, please write how many pages and lessons were done every week. Your teacher will be measuring your progress and if/when you complete your assignments. You are required to stick to this study plan as it is essential for improving your language skills, without which one cannot get a good result in this exam. You understand this and accept this responsibility if you do not do your homework regularly.

29. Homework assigned during class must be done within 1-2 weeks.  Classwork activity-based homework submitted more than 3 weeks late will not be checked unless the student had a medical reason or a family emergency-related reason.

30. All essay and letter/report corrections included in your course have a validity of 15 months from the date when the course started.

32. To retain control over our intellectual property, our teaching materials, resources and teaching methods, we have the right to limit a student’s/former student’s access to our WhatsApp groups and any and all shared materials if we find out that a student/former student is in any way associated with a competing organisation or business offering similar services.  


Beginning your lessons signals acceptance of these terms.

 For any concerns:

Contact your teacher Shrishti: +91 7666 212 414

shrishti@8777ielts.com, my8777ielts@gmail.com

Contact the CEO: ceo@8777ielts.com

All terms and conditions are subject to change, from time to time, at our sole discretion.

Last updated: 21 January 2023