Early on in my career, every time I picked up the phone for a consultation with a test-taker, I’d hear the phrase “I need an 8777; this is the only thing standing between me and my hopes and dreams“. I came to know that an overwhelming majority of these test-takers had written the IELTS three to six times, but were still unable to receive the scores that they needed. What’s worse is that they’d tell me they’d received tutoring many times previously but were still unable to receive the magic score of 8777. What does it mean when a teacher can’t help a willing and dedicated student pass the IELTS? Simply that the teacher is, in fact, no teacher at all, but someone rather ill-equipped to deal with something as serious as an international English exam that seals the fates of millions of potential immigrants worldwide. I was shocked when I realised that bad teachers were everywhere and that there was no escaping them as my students had no idea what to look for in a teacher and were likely to put their faith into a person’s words.

Thus, 8777IELTS was borne out of my desire to provide premium personal tutoring to those who need to pass an English language exam to be able to live, study, or work abroad.

I am a native English speaker and a CELTA, CELPIP, IELTS and YLE-certified professional English teacher with training and experience of over six years whose primary focus is exam English, although I do teach regular English lessons as well. My other areas of expertise include teaching young learners and developing language learning materials.