Free IELTS Writing Masterclass

Why are you still stuck on a 6.5 in Writing?

Prepare to have your mind blown!

Are you tired of following a dozen different bloggers and YouTubers for IELTS tips and still can’t do well? Do you consistently fall short of a 7 on Writing? Do you seem to not have enough time to finish your test? Does all of the variety in essay types frustrate you? Have you already taken the IELTS a couple times only to always get a band 6 or 6.5?

Monali, Arzoo and Khushboo, amongst hundreds others, had the same problems you do.

If you’ve taken the IELTS twice or thrice and have still not managed to get a 7, you absolutely gotta attend my Masterclass. It is guaranteed to be the most useful one hour that you’ll ever have spent if you’ve been studying by yourself all this time, and you’ll be surprised to see how easy it can really be!

During the Masterclass, please write out your own sentences, as you will be prompted to follow along. I will be checking your work! 

You may be extended an offer to join one of my courses. This, however, is not guaranteed for all participants, but only for those that qualify. I only accept new students after a thorough evaluation, but you are welcome to take part in the free Masterclass on the next page!