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Still wondering why you can't score more than 7 or 8 in Writing and Speaking?

Taiane, Siddharth, Kuldip and Robert, amongst 193 others, struggled with the CELPIP and didn’t seem to be able to get the CLB 9 they so deeply coveted, and were scared they would have to abandon their immigration dreams.

That’s when they found me.

I helped them simplify their exam skills processes, offered precise & exact assessments and helped them finally achieve that band 9!

Today, I want to help you

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know EXACTLY what was holding you back from getting a CLB 9 in Writing or Speaking and precisely what you needed to do, both in terms of language skills and exam skills, to improve?

I can do that for you.

Don't you deserve a detailed 3-4 page report on your tasks?

You deserve to have ultimate clarity on exactly what’s holding you back from getting a CLB 9. 

You’ve struggled enough. Now it’s time to let a specialist take care of all that. 

  • You’ll save time – the average CELPIP test taker needs roughly around 2.36 years to get the score of their dreams!
  • You’ll save effort – no more running around online forums and Facebook groups appealing for advice from people who don’t know the difference between their and there, no more wasting hours on YouTube trying to glean bits of useful info from OTHER people’s work…
  • Most importantly, you’ll save money – the average person spends roughly 34,327 on reattempts before finally getting the score they need.

So here’s my gift to you for having signed up for my Masterclass. 

I know you’re an action-taker, so I know you’re the right person to offer this kind of value to. 

Normally, I charge ₹1,250 for checking a single task…

…but today, I want to offer you something special.

Because you deserve better than confusion, wasted time, frustration and worry. 

Subscriber Special
One Writing task analysis for just ₹197

Subscriber Special
Two Speaking tasks' analysis for just ₹197

Once you’ve processed payment, send me one written task or an audio clip of your Speaking tasks and within 12 hours you’ll receive the most detailed report ever on the exact actionable steps you need to take to improve your writing and/or speaking.

You can send your work in to my email address: shrishti@8777ielts.com or my WhatsApp number: +91 7666212414.

See you then!

Shrishti | Your CELPIP instructor
Paragon Certified Level 2 Instructor