IELTS Premium Program

Here is what my premium IELTS prep program consists of:

33 LIVE IELTS lessons. These are NOT recorded lessons, which is what other online tutors sell!
These are individual, one-on-one LIVE lessons with me, through Skype (or any video-calling application you use).
Live writing sessions - from scratch! - for five essays and 3 letters/reports. I will personally guide you through EVERY single step involved in writing an essay, letter and a report.
I have a 7-step approach to essay writing and a 6-step approach for letters and reports that has PROVEN results.
FULL correction and analysis for 11 essays and 5 letters/7 reports. A typical report runs for at least three pages and includes a detailed correction of every word that you write.

The scores you receive are GUARANTEED to be accurate, and I'm the only teacher in the world who can do that. This means that when you get a 7 from me, you WILL get a 7 in the exam. Simple!
What's more, your written tasks don't have to be typed - you can submit hand-written essays/reports/letters!

Access to over 60 banked lessons and worksheets on grammar. These are lessons that I have created over a number of years to guide students on the things they absolutely must master in order to get that 8777.
Access to books and materials for enhancing your grammar and use of vocabulary. I have carefully created and curated materials to help you understand the grammar that will be used on the IELTS and will help you build your vocabulary so that you can understand the Reading and Listening sections with ease and also write brilliant letters and essays.
Full flexibility with regard to time - have your lessons any time between 7 AM to 11.30 PM! NO other program or tutor can offer you such flexibility with regard to your lessons. What's more, you can cancel and reschedule your lessons any time you want - there are no cancellation fees.
Lessons are also available on weekends. That's right, you can have your lessons on Saturday and Sunday as well! This is because I understand that many of you work and aren't able to devote time to lessons during weekdays.
Access to over 40 FULL tests. No one offers as many practice tests as I do! This is to ensure that you can practice and implement what you will learn from me during our lessons together.
20% discount on further essay/report/letter corrections. If you feel like you need more of your written tasks corrected, I will give you a discount.
Full support by phone, text and email at any time of the day. I will always be available to answer all your queries.
Band 9 essay/report/letter bank. There's no need to look elsewhere for sample essays of dubious quality. I provide a variety of band 9 sample written responses for many topics!
Regular feedback after every lesson. You get regular feedback on your performance and the improvement that I notice after every lesson.
Transcripts of your spoken task answers I will type up transcripts for your spoken tasks so that we can use them in our speaking lessons. I find that it really helps my students to see the kinds of errors they make and it makes fixing those errors much easier than it would be without transcripts.


All of this for $399 just $175!
Which other tutor offers such an expansive and inexpensive program? No one!

However, in order to ensure that my service retains its high quality, I accept a limited number of students each month. If getting an 8777 and living your dream life is something you want to do, be sure to email me as soon as possible!